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We combine science, expert knowledge of nutrition, experience and mindset coaching to deliver stand out results. ‘Ironberg’ embodies our philosophy.’


Where it all started


Ironberg started in 2015 by Australian Exercise Scientist Daniel Malmberg as a vehicle to deliver premium performance coaching for people who want to reach their true potential in performance and in life… No matter where they are. It originated due to the need for effective science-based & holistic individual design training, nutrition & lifestyle coaching for optimal performance as that was lacking in the industry. There’s many fads and methods. But few grounded principles to get you where you need to be. Ironberg is here to tie it all together.

Premium Individual Design Coaching

Reach your potential and become your peak self with your own coach. Know the exact steps needed in your training, nutrition and cultivate the mindsets needed to achieve your potential with your guiding you and keeping you on task the whole way.

The Ironbooty Protocol

The flagship protocol to build a body that is bikini ready with the performance to crush skulls and pick up cars. It is for those looking for women’s physique building with the focus on developing a functionally aesthetic physique with strong legs, glutes, and shoulders. Whether you are looking to lean out, recomposition, or put on lean muscle, one of the most effective ways is by increasing lean muscle through progressive full-body strength training.

The Ironbody Protocol

Bang real WEIGHTS AND ACCESSORY WORK TO TRANSFORM YOUR PHYSIQUE. This is the performance bodybuilding training protocol for intermediate to advanced athletes looking to transform their body to its potential. It is for those looking for a holistic and functional approach to traditional bodybuilding. Whether you are looking to lean out, recomposition, or slab on lean muscle, one of the most effective ways is by increasing muscle mass through progressive full-body strength training.

The Performance Hammer Protocol

UNLEASH YOUR UNTAPPED ATHLETIC potential WITH PURE PERFORMANCE TRAINING. It is a comprehensive performance-based training program for power-based athletes optimized for Tactical Athletes, field and court sport athletes, fighters and anyone who is looking to put pinnacle performance in front of anything else.

Trusted sources and experts that shaped Ironberg

These are the expert coaches, scientists and mentors that have shaped IRONBERG into the powerhouse it is today

Power Athlete HQ

John Welbourn


John Welbourn a 10 year NFL veteran is one of the most instrumental and OG influences on me. He taught me extensively on the methodology in-building performance-based & explosive power athletes. He is a true performance whore and only cares about getting better.


Travis Jones


My mentor for how to run a business and create a mindset of performance. Travis was sensational to help instill in me confidence and steps to build Ironberg to another level.

PHD - Biolayne

Layne Norton


Layne was one of the most fundamental influences and game-changers for me when it comes to effective nutrition coaching for myself and my clients. He is no BS and completely science & evidenced-based. If you want to learn the in-depth mechanics of nutrition. Learn from him.

3D Muscle journey.

Eric Helms PHD.


It is a wizard when it comes to the deep science of everything strength and nutrition. His content has been game-changing for me to help truly transform the performance for my clients. He has a BS in fitness and wellness, an MS in exercise science, a second masters in sports nutrition, a PhD in strength and conditioning, and is a research fellow for AUT at the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand. He is a true muscle nerd.

Muscle Nerds

Luke Leaman


A former protege of Charles Poliquin; Luke is a complete nerd when it comes to strength, hypertrophy, and nutrition. He is my most recent mentor and absolute nerd who loves Rick N Morty more than me.


Client testimonials

Coach D-Berg has been immense in improving my performance, strength & work capacity. My Snatch increased from 65kg to 100kg within 12months. Body composition has been better than it ever has been since my bodybuilding days. Cannot recommend Dan enough for his coaching, nutrition and mindset coaching!

Nathan Smith

Dan has been instrumental for me in my post career performance training with his science based coaching methods. I have been the strongest I’ve ever been and he has helped me put on over 10kg of lean muscle while keeping my fitness.

James Magnussen

Dan’s programming & coaching is second to none when it comes to personalised, well thought out and structured sessions, not to mention the level of professionalism he delivers through this. There aren’t many people smarter than Dan when it comes to knowing what the human body requires.


"Getting to work with D-berg has been a game-changer. He has educated me so much about food, training, and mindset. He has so much knowledge and patience. To find a trainer is easy but find someone like Dberg who is going to guide you and educate you at the same time that's something special"

Luzmaria Rabanal.

I've been coached by Dan for nearly 4 years now. In that time I have continually made solid gains across all my training whilst remaining injury free. He understands my line of work and programs in a way that makes me perform better not only in the gym but doing my day to day duties at work.

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4 pillars for success



The often overlooked part of making progress for long-term gains. But it is the key cornerstone for success in all protocols. Your mindset is the bedrock when it comes to making progress long term in any endeavor and the reason why you do or do not succeed is often due to your thoughts. The mental performance coaching protocols we use are foundational to help you achieve your objectives.


What you measure you can manage. The problem with most people that stops them from reaching their goals is that they simply don’t track their progress. The tracking of progress & measuring metrics is key if you want to reach your potential.


The training protocols used by Ironberg are all evidence-based and stress-tested to ensure maximal results and progression. We provide the right workout for you and your needs and every workout leads to the next to get you to your best self.


Food is the fuel for your performance. Without the right fuel mixture in the right quantities and good quality, you are hamstringing your progress.


Every client we encounter has many varied questions or queries. But these are some of the commonly asked ones surrounding what sets us apart from the rest. If you have a question not covered here, reach out and we will be able to guide you!

1. Equipment needed for training?

If you have access to typical functional fitness equipment (like barbells, kettlebells, rings, rower, etc or have access to a commercial gym then you’ll be good to go for our standard versions of the program then you’re good to go. If you are doing individual design training then all training will be tailored to your equipment.

2. Do I need to be an elite athlete?

Absolutely NOT. Ironberg training systems cater to the beginner to the elite level. We design protocols that are specific to your current level to take you to the next level. We only care about helping people who have ambition and goals and have the mindset to achieve.

5. How accessible is coaching?

Your coach is accessible daily on TrueCoach app, depending on your protocol you will have regular scheduled coaching calls and check-ins on movement/form checks, nutrition & lifestyle consulting to maximise results. We do what we need to get you to your result.

4. Do you offer trials?

We offer a one week ‘FREE’ trial for the accessory protocols.. The individual design protocol is for people who are willing to invest in themselves and will require a 1:1 Consult to apply to see if the coaching service is a good fit for your needs.

2. Do I need to be an elite athlete?

Absolutely NOT. Ironberg training systems cater to the beginner to the elite level. We design protocols that are specific to your current level to take you to the next level. We only care about helping people who have ambition and goals and have the mindset to achieve.

6. Do you offer one off consults or live PT’s?

I work with select people for in person PT. So you can apply and we can have a conversation if it is the best option for you. I do offer one off mentoring consultations for people who want to learn how to train, eat and learn in a superior manner.




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